2019 Champions Fighting Cancer Walk

Vina's Breastie Besties

Welcome to our fundraising page! On Sunday, May 5th we will be participating in the Champions Fighting Cancer Walk in Brockton, MA and will be honoring our very own champion, Vina Tavares!

Vina was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Fall 2018 and since then she has waged a war against the disease. She has remained positive, strong and relentless in her battle – she is a cancer warrior! Vina is so grateful for all of the love and support that she has received and she wants to give that love and support right back! So, we signed up for the Champions Fighting Cancer Walk and formed Vina’s Breastie Besties!

The Champions Fighting Cancer Walk is very special to Vina. As a lifelong resident of Brockton, Vina is invested in doing her part to make a difference in the lives of others in the community and now specifically those impacted by cancer.

Your donation will help other cancer warriors, like Vina. Every gift given supports the great work done by Signature Healthcare and the Chrystine M. Sullivan Memorial Foundation. Signature Healthcare provides cancer care and treatment and the Chrystine M. Sullivan Memorial Foundation provides assistance for treatment and other support services for cancer patients in the South Shore of Massachusetts who could not otherwise afford it.

Thank you so much! We appreciate your donations, your support and your well wishes for Vina! We hope to see you on May 5th!


Andrea, Nilza and Samantha (Team Captains)

"Encourage, lift and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by us all. For we are connected, one and all."
- Deborah Day

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